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Saturday, February 13, 2016
2015 City of Independence Report More...
Click the "More..." link above to view a playlist for the 2015 City Report. It is in two parts. Click "Play All" after you visit the link to play both videos automatically.
Commission Meetings and Other Videos Online More...
Click the "More..." link above to visit the City's YouTube Channel which features City Commission meetings and other community videos.
2015 Consumer Confidence Report More...
The 2015 Consumer Confidence Report is now available online. Click on the "MORE..." link above to download a copy.
All contractors are required to register with the City even if they have already obtained a business license. Please call (620) 332-2500 for more information. Out of State contractors are also required to obtain a transient vendors license before performing any work in Montgomery County. Please call (620) 330-1200 for more information. Contractors without the proper registration and licenses are not allowed to perform work within City limits.
*GET EVERYTHING IN WRITING -- And signed by both parties and make sure you get copies of everything you sign. It's almost impossible to enforce an oral agreement. *GET FINANCING ON YOUR OWN -- You should turn to a trusted source like a bank or credit union for financing, and loan checks should be made out to you. Do not let home improvement contractors get your loan for you. *GET REFERENCES AND CHECK THEM -- If a contractor is unable to provide you with references, or satisfied customers don't use them. *MAKE SURE YOUR CONTRACTOR IS REGISTERED AND LICENSED -- To check call both the City Hall at (620) 332-2500 and the County at (620) 330-1200. They must register at both places.
All Residential Trash Must Be Bagged
Did you know that each sanitation employee assigned to the back of the truck lifts around 10,000 pounds of trash per day? City code requires that residential trash containers be no larger than 32 gallons and that all trash is bagged. Due to potential injuries from lifting heavy cans loose trash will no longer be picked up. Thank you for your cooperation and for helping us reduce potential injuries to our employees!
Storm Video -- 7 minute version More...
Watch this video to learn more about the process and behind the scenes of the storm warning system in Independence, Kansas.
Storm Video -- 60 second version More...
Watch this storm warning video to learn about how the storm warning system works in Independence, Kansas.
Designated Storm Shelters
The designated storm shelters are Memorial Hall/Civic Center (410 N. Penn), City Hall (120 N. 6th) and the basement of the judicial center (Sheriff's Office-300 E. Main).
Siren Activation for Imminent Threats
Upon hearing outdoor warning sirens it is important that all persons immediately refer to local broadcast media (radio, TV, etc.) or NOAA Weather Radio for additional information! When activated, the siren should run for 5 minutes, and then 2-3 minute pause, and reactivated for 5 minutes, repeating this interval for the duration of the threat. During this time you should take cover. Do not call the Independence Police Department while the sirens are activated unless you have something to report, or have an emergency. Repeated sounding of sirens has directly resulted in saved lives in numerous cases. Doing repeated sirens allows for an increased chance the sirens will be heard and also lets people know the threat still exists.
Community Video Now Online More...
Follow the link on "More..." above to view the updated 2014 community video.
Strategic Plan Summary More...
VISION “Independence is known for its quality of life, vibrant economy, educational excellence and being served by an efficient, responsive and open government.” MISSION STATEMENT “The City of Independence is committed to promoting the highest quality of life for all residents by providing fiscally sound, responsive municipal services in an equitable and professional manner and relentlessly collaborating with our educational and private business communities.” STAKEHOLDERS/GOAL -- CITIZENS • Provide quality services in a safe, efficient and courteous manner. BUSINESS & INDUSTRY • Provide an environment to facilitate growth and retention of business and industry. EDUCATION • Promote an environment of lifelong learning and exceptional educational opportunities. QUALITY OF LIFE SYSTEM • To support and maintain quality of life initiatives that meet the cultural and health needs of the community. GOVERNMENTAL ENTITIES • Collaborate with other governmental entities to provide cost effective services and support initiatives. CITY EMPLOYEES • Create an environment that values employees and empowers them to provide top quality public service.
Nixle Storm Warning System More...
If you would like to receive storm warning text messages on your cellular phone please go to www.Nixle.com and sign up for this free service. Be sure to pick City of Independence as your local agency. Click on "More..." above to go to the nixle site.
Historic Preservation Brochure More...
Check out the new brochure by the Historic Preservation and Resource Commission regarding rehabilitating historic structures downtown.
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Become a fan of the City's new Facebook page and be notified of meetings and special events. Follow the link on "More..." above.
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For instant updates and news follow us @IndependenceKS on Twitter.com or follow the link on "More..." above.
List of Sales Tax Projects in Priority Order More...
For a list of projects to be completed with the proposed sales tax in priority order click "More..." above.
City/ICC Access Channel has moved to Channel 12
Information regarding the City and ICC can be found on Cablevision Channel 12.
Fair Housing Hotlines
The City of Independence will assist persons who may be experiencing discrimination in housing on the grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, familial status or handicap. If you feel that you have been discriminated against for any of these reasons, call the numbers on the hotline. Housing Discrimination Hotline -- 1.800.669.9777; KS Human Rights Commission -- 785.296.3206; City of Independence -- 620.332.2500.
ADA Resolution More...
In accordance with the requirements of title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 ("ADA"), the City of Independence, Kansas, will not discriminate against qualified individuals with disabilities on the basis of disability in its sevices, programs, or activities. Click on "More..." above to read the entire resolution.
IBRC More...
Interested in starting a new business and not sure where to start? Need help with an existing business? Check the "more" link to check out the IBRC for assistance.
Employee Gmail Link More...
Click on the "more" link above to log in to your City email account.
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