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Monday, February 08, 2016
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Director of Public Works: Mike Passauer
Airport Department: Gary Macy

Contact Information
Airport Office #: (620) 332-2531
City Hall Office #: (620) 332-2500
Fax #: (620) 332-2539
Pager #: (620) 454-2790
Pager #: (620) 454-2779

Mailing Address
City Hall
ATTN: Airport
120 North 6th Street
Independence, Kansas 67301

The airport staff is responsible for maintenance of airport grounds, the terminal and runways. They also provide fueling for Cessna and private airplanes which fly into or are based at the airport.


From Main Street/Hwy 160 head West to the City limits, continue on and turn south on Highway 75, continue on for approximately 2.7 miles, turn east on C.R. 3300, continue on for approximately 2.1 miles, turn west on Freedom Drive, continue on until the road ends at the terminal building.
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