Police Department


120 N 6th Street
Independence, KS 67301

120 N 6th Street
Attention: Police
Independence, KS 67301




Link: Police Department Page


Lower Level

Police Chief and Patrol Offices

2nd Floor

After Business Hours

Use Phone at Main Entrance or West Entrance

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Adey, Melissa Dispatch/Records Supervisor 620-332-1700  
Anderson, John Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700  
Bowers, Daniel Sergeant 620-332-1700  
Bryant, Derek. L. Detective 620-332-1700  
Collins, Shane Sergeant 620-332-1700  
Cook, Hilary Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700  
Hammer, Bridget Dispatcher/Clerk II 620-332-1700  
Harrison, Jerry Chief 620-332-1700  
Helkenberg, Lisa Captain 620-332-1700  
Johnson, Christina Sergeant 620-332-1700  
Knight, William R. Patrol Officer - Part Time 620-332-1700  
Lupardus, Ty K9 Handler/ Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700  
Reddy, Jason Sergeant 620-332-1700  
Stafford, Dustin Administrative Sergeant 620-332-1700  
Taylor, Dustin Detective 620-332-1700  
Vining, Mark A. Lead Detective 620-332-1700  
Ward, Justikn Patrol Officer II 620-332-1700  
Evans, Ashley Dispatcher/Clerk I 620-332-1700  
Gour, Raina Records Clerk 620-332-1700  
Gregory, Joseph Dispatch/Clerk I 620-332-1700  
Hayes, Paula Administrative Aide 620-332-1700  
Lloyd, Seth Patrol Officer I 620-332-1700  
Martin, David Patrol Officer I 620-332-1700  
Roark, Benjamin Patrol Officer I 620-332-1700  
Smith, Jacob Patrol Officer I 620-332-1700  
Delgado, Lisa Dispatch/Clerk I 6203321700  
Forester, Allison Dispatch/Clerk I 6203321700  
Jones, Michael Patrol Officer I 620-332-1700  

Animal Control/AWOL Humane Society 

116 South 23rd Street
Independence, KS 67301

AWOL Donations
P.O. Box 290
Independence, KS 67301


Link: Animal Control Department Page

A.W.O.L. Hours

Monday - Friday

10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

5:30 - 6:30 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday

1:30 - 3:30 p.m.

Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Benedict, Charlie Animal Control Officer 620-332-1700