Water/Sewer Department

The City of Independence Water and Sewer Department is responsible for the installation, operation and maintenance of the water and sewer mains. The water and sewer department is a combined department. We maintain the distribution system as well as install new lines and meter sets, perform annual fire hydrant flushes, and repair or replace water lines and meters, both residential and commercial. We repair and replace sewer main lines, install sewer taps, and clean and insure all sewer lines are free and flowing. In addition this department maintains and operates sewer pump stations which transport all raw sewage from town to the treatment plant.

Water Leaks

If there is a water leak, call 620-332-2500 to report it. If a customer has a leak on their private line, call the Water Office at 620-332-2500 to report it so that arrangements made to made to turn the water off at the meter.

Backed Up Sewer
When a sewer is backing up, call 620-332-2500 so that the sewer department can check the sewer main before you contact a plumber. The numbers to call for after-hours and weekends is 620-332-1700 (Police Department) or 620-332-2515 (Water Treatment Plant).

Utility Line Marks
The State of Kansas requires, by law, that all utility lines be marked before any digging takes place by calling Kansas One-Call at: 1-800-344-7233. The City of Independence marks water and sewer mains when contacted by Kansas One-Call. Any water line that runs between the meter and the residence or business is considered a private line and the City does not mark private lines. Any line connected to the sewer main is also considered a private line.