Hall Rental Facilities

First Floor Facilities

Civic Center

This area was recently renovated and will accommodate 320 with banquet seating. A PowerPoint projector, large screen, wireless microphones, and integrated sound system are also available for your use.


The kitchen is located off the Civic Center. It has the following commercial grade appliances; range, microwave, refrigerator/freezer, commercial food warmer, and ice maker. A commercial grade sink and stainless steel work tables are also available for your use. The kitchen features a serving window opening into the Civic Center which may be closed off if not needed.

Veteran’s Room

This large meeting room can be divided into two smaller meeting rooms if needed. This room is an ideal training facility and features an integrated PowerPoint and sound system. Training can be provided for 42 individuals with classroom style seating. Seating for 80 individuals can be accommodated without tables.


This large space is located between the Civic Center and the Veteran’s Room. It can accommodate 32 guests at table seating and 100 guests without table seating. The gallery features a movable wall adjacent to the Civic Center which can be opened to increase the size of the Civic Center for extra large activities.

Legion Room

This room will accommodate 20 individuals at tables and 40 without tables. This meeting room features a wall conference center which includes a dry erase board, large tablet, and built in screen.

VFW & Spanish Rooms

These two meeting rooms are similar in size and can accommodate 12 individuals each with table seating. These meeting rooms feature wall conference centers.

Patriot Room

This meeting room can accommodate 6 to 8 individuals with table seating. A wall conference center is also available.

Second Floor Facilities


This newly renovated auditorium has 1,950 theater seats and features computerized sound, lighting, and stage rigging equipment. Wheelchair accessible seating and wireless hearing assistance equipment are also available.

Main Lobby

The lobby is located outside the auditorium and was also recently renovated. This space features mosaic tile floors, detailed interior architecture, a lounge area, ticket booth, and concessions room. Of special importance are our Walls of Honor which pay tribute to our veterans and a statue recognizing recognizing the contributions of native son and legendary music producer, Jim Halsey. The Main Lobby can provide seating for 100 without tables and 64 with tables.

Green Room

This meeting room is located outside the Main Lobby and can accommodate a small group of 12 with table seating.

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