Services Provided

Dispatched Calls
Dispatched calls provide:
  • City wide fire protection as well as contracted fire protection for certain entities outside the City.
  • Advanced Life Support Emergency Medical Care to the Northeast portion of Montgomery County including the cities of Independence, Caney, Sycamore, Elk City and Second out calls for Cherryvale.
  • City wide response to all hazard calls, i.e. downed power lines, arcing wires, natural gas, carbon monoxide, and other bio-hazards.
  • Mutual aid to surrounding cities and county agencies for fire and hazmat support.
Fire Prevention
The Fire/EMS Department provides:
  • Fire Prevention Education and Training at local public and parochial schools as well as preschools and day cares upon request.
  • Fire Prevention Education and Training for senior citizens group housing.
  • Fire Extinguisher Training for local businesses upon request.
  • Fire Prevention Inspections for day cares, school buildings, public buildings and private businesses.
  • Conduct Fire Department tours by appointment for schools and special interest groups
Code Enforcement
The Fire/EMS Department works to enforce:
  • The City’s Environmental Nuisance Code (trashy properties, disabled and/or untagged vehicles).
  • The City’s Weed and Grass Code (tall weeds and/or grass).