Donate to the Zoo

The Ralph Mitchell Zoo is a municipally owned zoo, budgeted from taxpayer dollars. While the city budget covers the animals' food, shelter, veterinary care, and facility upkeep, we rely on donations to help purchase enrichment items for the animals.

Enrichment is an important part of our animals' physical and psychological welfare. Keepers supply enrichment items to help stimulate the animals' senses, encourage natural behaviors, and help keep their environments from becoming boring. Enrichment items also help stimulate the animals to be more active. 

If you would like to provide enrichment items to the zoo, we have provided a list of donation items and a link to our Amazon account. 

Donations can be dropped off at the Park Office: Located north of the miniature golf course. Call 620-332-2512 to set up a time. 

Monetary donations can be sent to City Hall, 120 N 6th Street, Independence KS 67301; Attn: Ralph Mitchell Zoo, or dropped into the donation box located at the Stevens Building by the macaw exhibit. 

Used items are accepted as long as they are in good working condition. Garden produce and frozen meat are also accepted but please throw out badly rotted or freezer-burned items.